Volume Issue Date Title Servant Epub Mobi
85 Apr-14 The Evening Oblation   EPUB MOBI
"Shall two walk together except they be agreed?" Paul Martin
Confiding in the Lord Richard M Brown
86 May-14 Holding Fast Alastair McKay EPUB MOBI
Great Views David H Marshall
Looking on Jesus Tim D Ellis
God's Sure Foundation Alistair M Brown
Stability John A Brown
Divine Supply in Circumstances of Need Brian E Surtees
87 Jun-14 Chastening   EPUB MOBI
Things that God Hates and Loves Peter J Mutton
Discipline James Alex Gardiner
88 Jul-14 "Keep thy Heart" John Laurie EPUB MOBI
Recovery Paul A Gray
Faith, Hope and Love Robert Taylor
Christ identifying Himself with His Own Jim D Gray
Ready for the Lord's Coming David McFarlane
"To Myself" David J Hutson
Clothing that God Makes David C Brown
89 Aug-14 Psalm 23   EPUB MOBI
The Light of Life Marshall Cowan
Putting off the Old Man, and Sowing to the Spirit Alistair M Brown
90 Sep-14 The Activities of the Holy Spirit Alistair M Brown EPUB MOBI
"To You in the Assemblies" Bob Gray
The Preservation of Life David J Wright
The Spirit of the Glad Tidings Paul A Gray
"The Lord is my Shepherd" John N Darby
91 Oct-14 Eating the Sin-Offering   EPUB MOBI
God Glorified Andy E Mutton
The Maintenance of Right Conditions in our Localities Ron J Campbell
92 Nov-14 The Headship of Christ   EPUB MOBI
What God does for Himself Neil McKay
Gathering J Bruce Ikin
93 Dec-14 The Chief Shepherd   EPUB MOBI
Preciousness Robert W McClean
The Lord Speaking David J Hutson
94 Jan-15 The Children of God, and His works   EPUB MOBI
The First Man Adam, and the Last Adam Jim D Gray
Walking with God Robert Gardiner
The Father's Activities Robert Taylor
Death with Christ and Deliverance John N Darby
95 Feb-15 The Holy Spirit and the Kingdom   EPUB MOBI
The Holy Spirit and the Body  
Stones for God's House John Speirs
96 Mar-15 The Object of Adjustment   EPUB MOBI
The Fear of God Norman J Henry
Companionship with Christ John A Brown