Vol Pub Title Author Epub Mobi
97 Apr-15 The Truth Paul A Gray EPUB MOBI
God's Calling Craig A McKay
Digging Wells David A Brown
"Think on these things" Stephen McLaren
Men Secured for God's Pleasure David B Robertson
98 May-15 The Cross of Christ   EPUB MOBI
Keeping the Charge David C Brown
The Lord Jesus Coming David J Hutson
Encouragement Sam C Lock
99 Jun-15 The Brother James Drummond EPUB MOBI
The Sufferings of Christ Terry W Lock
Jesus Christ is the Same David J Hutson
Christian Growth Alistair M Brown
Time Jim Pye
100 Jul-15 Obedience Ian E Purdy EPUB MOBI
Being Broughinto into Moral Accord with God John Laurie
The Greatness of the Assembly James Drummond
Brought to David Bill W Lovie
"Looking Stedfastly on Jesus" Rob Gardiner
Healing Stephen McLaren
101 Aug-15 The Father's House   EPUB MOBI
Maturity in Manhood G Bruce Grant
Reconciliation Norman J Henry
"Love, by Ill Untainted" John N Darby
102 Sep-15 Spiritual Refinement - 1   EPUB MOBI
Spiritual Refinement - 2  
103 Oct-15 "The Stability of thy Times"   EPUB MOBI
Righteousness without Grace John N Darby
The Value of Faithfulness Daan Dekker
The Open Tomb and the Open Heavens A Grahame Smith
The Comforter and Earnest D Andrew Burr
Man's Weakness and God's Power Roland H Brown
104 Nov-15 "Bringing Many Sons to Glory"   EPUB MOBI
Holding Fast John Speirs
"I Know" Robert W McClean
Learning from Affliction Harold J Klassen
105 Dec-15 Glories Given to the Lord   EPUB MOBI
The River of God's Grace David A Brown
"Blind, Lame, Withered" Calum McKay
106 Jan-16 Attachment to Christ   EPUB MOBI
The Call Roland J Flowerdew
"Judgment and Mercy and Faith" Jim M Macfarlane
Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath John N Darby
107 Feb-16 Response   EPUB MOBI
Behold the Man!  
"What ye have Hold Fast" D Andrew Burr
108 Mar-16 Knowing the One Who is Able Daan Dekker EPUB MOBI
Divine Feelings and their Effect Alistair M Brown
"It is the Lord" Peter S Barlow
The Ways of God Derek Walker
God's Approach to Men John Strachan