Volume Issue Date Title Servant Epub Mobi
73 Apr-13 What the Lord Jesus has Borne   EPUB MOBI
Waiting T. David Beveridge
"Heard because of His Piety" James Alex Gardiner
74 May-13 Refusing, Choosing and Esteeming Paul W Burton EPUB MOBI
Life and Freshness Rodney Brown
What Goes Over Jim T Brown (Edinburgh)
Desiring Our Inheritance James Brown
Our God James Alex Gardiner
75 Jun-13 Encouragement   EPUB MOBI
"Keep Yourselves in the Love of God" Robert Taylor
"Stretching Out" Robert McClean
76 Jul-13 Joy   EPUB MOBI
Wings Robert Trotter
"The Inheritance of My Fathers" David C Brown
Care in the Local Assembly David Marshall
"As He is, We Also Are" Tim D Ellis
77 Aug-13 Food in Famines Gary M Chellberg EPUB MOBI
The Way of Repentance D Andrew Burr
Committal and Excess Philip J Walkinshaw
The Sabbath John N Darby
78 Sep-13 The Hem of His Garment   EPUB MOBI
The Church and our Pathway Garth McKay
79 Oct-13 Response to God in Song   EPUB MOBI
Full Salvation John Speirs
Burdens David J Hutson
Pentecost and the Presence Here of the Holy Spirit John N Darby
80 Nov-13 The Lord Tarrying Jim D Gray EPUB MOBI
"What Shall I Do?" Roland H Brown
Heaven - A Reality to Us Brian W Burton
The Personal Greatness of Christ Neil McKay
Affection and Jubilee John N Darby
81 Dec-13 The Glad Tidings of the Glory of the Blessed God   EPUB MOBI
Endurance Russell D Wallace
Jerusalem Peter van den Berg Jr
Security Philip Hogan
The Feast of Tabernacles John N Darby
82 Jan-14 Access to the Father   EPUB MOBI
Modelling and Imitating What is Right Jeffrey A Oberg
God's Giving David J Hutson
83 Feb-14 "The Father Himself has Affection for You"   EPUB MOBI
Prayer Charles C D Remmington
Features of Christ Formed in the Believer John Speirs
84 Mar-14 The Knowledge of God   EPUB MOBI
What Do We Behold? Robert Gray
The Borders of the Land Norman T Meek