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No. Month Title Author
94 Jan-81 The Testimony Of Our Lord (2) E.M.Walkinshaw
    Living Water F.E.Raven
    Continuance D.J.Hutson
    The Children's Handfuls J.C.Evershed
95 Feb-81 The 'Dip Into Time' F.C.Mutton
    "Occupy Till I Come" F.E.Raven
    The Secret Of His Presence A.A.Bellamy
    The Children's Eyesight J.C.Evershed 
96 Mar-81 God Bringing Things To An Issue F.E.Raven
    He Does All Things Well J.Lovie
    The Opened Heavens F.C.Mutton 
    The Children's King J.C.Evershed 
97 Apr-81 "Let Nothing Be Wanting" A.A.Bellamy
    Committal J.Mitchell
    The Presence Of The Lord D.A.Burr
    The Children's Remembrance J.C.Evershed
98 May-81 "A Saviour, Which Is Christ The Lord" F.E.Raven
    Treasure J.Strachan
    The Service Of Song G.H.S.Price
    The Children's Vessels J.C.Evershed 
99 Jun-81 Standing By The Cross A.A.Bellamy
    Sonship P.van den Berg
    The Children's Urgency J.C.Evershed
100 Jul-81 The Fourth Watch R.D.Plant
    Going In For What Is Spiritual R.D.Plant
    The Supper J.N.Darby
    The Children's Shepherd J.C.Evershed
101 Aug-81 Being Serviceable J.Renton
    Grace And The Sovereignty Of Mercy F.E.Raven 
    The Children's Thoughts J.C.Evershed
102 Sep-81 The Voice Of The Holy Spirit A.J.E.Welch
    The Spirit's Service E.C.Burr
    Success E.Palmer 
    A Word For Those Who Are Deaf C.E.Burr
    The Children's Trust J.C.Evershed
103 Oct-81 The Heavenly And The Earthly C.J.H.Davidson 
    Power Towards Us Who Believe A.J.E.Welch 
    Faith Strengthened J.M Wallach
    The Children's Voices J.C.Evershed 
104 Nov-81 Committal By Refusing W.Lamont
    Standards W.Lamont
    "Not...To Make Void But To Fulfil" S.Mccallum
    The Children's Weather J.C.Evershed
105 Dec-81 Divine Leading B.M.Deck
    Communications R.N.Hesterman
    Associations J.A.Petersen
    The Children's Patience J.C.Evershed