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No. Month Title Author
106 Jan-82 "Lift Up Thine Eyes" C.J.H.Davidson
    The Blessing Of The Generations E.C.Burr
    Revival D.J.Hutson
    Measures D.L.Stewart
    The Children's Treasure J.C.Evershed
107 Feb-82 Divine Communications T.N.Pye
    Spiritual Growth T.N.Pye
    Giving T.N.Pye
    The Children's Baptism J.C.Evershed
108 Mar-82 Baptism With The Holy Spirit B.M.Deck
    Stability B.M.Deck
    The Inheritance W.Dickson
    Children's Enjoyment Of The Snow J.C.Evershed 
109 Apr-82 Without Encumbrance J.Lovie
    What Small Things Become C.C.Lkin
    The Children's Questions J.C.Evershed 
110 May-82 Stability F.C.Mutton 
    "Our Nothingness" F.C.Mutton 
    Preaching Of The Gospel J.N.Grace
    Children As Light-Bearers J.C.Evershed
111 Jun-82 Present Results From The Death Of Christ N.T.Meek
    A Widow Woman And A Believing Woman N.T.Meek
    The Temple W.Dickson
    The Children As Vessels J.C.Evershed 
112 Jul-82 One Another R.D.Plant
    One Another J.Renton
    The Death And The Glory Of The Lord J.Mitchell
    The Children's Skills J.C.Evershed
113 Aug-82 Spiritual Change B.M.Deck
    The Great Rock R.Hibbert
    The Children's Safety J.C.Evershed
114 Sep-82 Glory In Christ And In The Assembly A.J.E.Welch
    God Has Made Us To Rejoice J.C.Evershed
    Jesus E.C.Burr
    The Children Observed J.C.Evershed
115 Oct-82 Entrance Into The Truth W.Dickson
    The Believer's Body T.E.Druckenmiller 
    The Children's Friend J.C.Evershed
116 Nov-82 The Christ J.Mitchell
    Faithfulness B.M.Deck
    Extract G.V.Wigram
    The Children's Crown J.C.Evershed
117 Dec-82 Vision And Its Effect R.W.Flowerdew 
    Two Helpers G.A.Brown
    "I Being In The Way" E.C.Burr
    The Children's Protection J.C.Evershed