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No. Month Title Author
82 Jan-80 Faithfulness In Divine Things P.v.d.Berg
    The Key Of Knowledge A.B.Parker
    Divisions In John's Gospel S.McCallum 
    The Children's Playtime J.C.Evershed
83 Feb-80 Fidelity To Christ A.Macdonald
    Faith N.T.Meek
    Salvation Through A Call N.T.Meek
    The Children's Cleansing J.C.Evershed
84 Mar-80 The Assembly For Christ J.Renton
    "From Strength To Strength" J.C.Evershed
    Guidance By Glory R.Taylor
    The Children's Progress J.C.Evershed
85 Apr-80 Rights D.Robertson
    Blessedness A.McBride
    The Mind Of The Lord A.C.Craig
    The Children's Belief J.C.Evershed
86 May-80 Generosity E.C.Burr
    Responsibility E.C.Burr
    The Children's Opportunities J.C.Evershed
87 Jun-80 In View Of His Coming C.J.H.Davidson
    A Little Sanctuary F.C.Mutton
    The Secret Of The Lord P.S.Warren
    The Children's Warnings J.C.Evershed
88 Jul-80 The Attitude Of Forgiveness A.B.Bellamy
    Going Forth A.B.Bellamy
    "Do Thou Likewise" R.H.Brown
    The Children's Safety J.C.Evershed
89 Aug-80 The Coming Of The Lord E.M.Walkinshaw
    The Kingdom Of God E.M.Walkinshaw
    A Cloud Of Witnesses J.C.Evershed
    The Children's Rest J.C.Evershed
90 Sep-80 Redemption And The Service Of God R.Taylor
    A Personal Transaction With Jesus A.B.Parker
    Satisfaction A.McBride
    The Children's Pathways J.C.Evershed
91 Oct-90 Sacrifice And Activity R.D.Plant
    Good Things W.Dickson 
    Preaching C.J.H.Davidson
    The Children's Witness J.C.Evershed
92 Nov-80 Things As They Are F.E.Raven
    The Preaching N.T.Meek
    Finishing The Course J.G.Wain
    Blessing Others J.P.Wheeler
    The Children's Favour J.C.Evershed
93 Dec-80 The Testimony Of Our Lord E.M.Walkinshaw
    The Bridegroom And The Temple F.E.Raven
    The Children's Certainty J.C.Evershed