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No. Month Title Author
34 Jan-76 The House and the Householder A.J.E.Welch
    The House and the Lord's Coming C.R.Byng
    The House and the Head E.C.Muggleton
    Testimonial History in Households A.J.E.Welch
    Inheriting Blessing C.R.Byng
    Heirs Together J.C.Evershed
    The Priesthood Of Christ And The Love Of God D.R.Freeman
    The Waiting Time J.Renton
    The Children's Growth J.C.Evershed
35 Feb-76 The Father's Place In The Economy C.Hammond
    Raising The Level. N.T.Meek
    Direct Relations With The Lord A.A.Bellamy 
    The Greatness Of Jesus C.R.Byng
    The Children's Eyesight J.C.Evershed 
36 Mar-76 My Father's Business E.M.Walkinshaw
    Our Minds. A.J.E.Welch
    Meeting Need W.McKay
    The Children's Hearing J.C.Evershed
37 Apr-76 Neighbours E.C.Burr
    What Is Little E.M.Walkinshaw
    Being Sent A.J.E.Welch
    The Children's Footsteps J.C.Evershed
38 May-76 Salvation In None Other C.S.Elliott
    God Operating In A Secret Way J.Spinks
    Glad Tidings To The Poor E.C.Burr
    The Children's Tasting J.C.Evershed
39 Jun-76 The Candlestick and the Levites C.R.Byng
    God's Thoughts Going Through W.Lamont
    Devotedness W.Lamont 
    The Children's Faith J.C.Evershed 
40 Jul-76 Leadership J.A.Mclaren
    The Will Of God J.Strachan
    The Power By Which Things Are Effected E.M.Walkinshaw
    Neighbours C.J.Stewart
    The Children's Welcome J.C.Evershed
41 Aug-76 "Take Up The Ark......” J.Lovie 
    The Second D.L.Stewart
    Responsiveness. A.J.E.Welch
    The Children's Safety J.C Evershed 
42 Sep-76 The Service Of God (I) A.J.E.Welch
    The Service Of God (Ii) A.J.E.Welch
    How We See Jesus A.J.E.Welch
    The Children's Thirst J.C.Evershed.
43 Oct-76 At a Burial (i)  
    Victory G.W.Brown
    A Scribe C.R.Byng
    Mourning E.C.Burr
    At a Burial (ii)  
    The Love Of Jesus G.W.Brown
    Wages A.A.Bellamy
    Sustaining The Testimony E.C.Burr
    At a Marriage (i)  
    Glory C.R.Byng
    The Path J.C.Evershed
    Not Evil Spoken Of D.E.Burr
    At a Marriage (ii)  
    Households D.L.Stewart
    The Standard L.A.Barlow
    One Another’s Burdens E.C.Burr
    The Children's Counting J.C.Evershed
44 Nov-76 Joseph's Administration E.C.Burr
    "To His Bondmen The Authority" E.C.Burr
    "Follow Thou Me" A.J.E.Welch  
    The Children's Clothing J.C.Evershed   
45 Dec-76 The Local Assembly A.J.E.Welch
    The Sacrifice Of Praise A.J.E.Welch
    Preaching Of The Word Of God A.J.E.Welch
    The Children's Observing J.C.Evershed