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No. Month Title Author
22 Jan-75 Christ's Saviourhood A.B.Parker
    The Result Of The Word D.J.Hutson
    Attraction R.Taylor
    Some Fundamentals - Christianity W.E.EllIs
    The Children's Calendars J.C.Evershed
23 Feb-75 Loving The Assembly J.Strachan
    i) Sowing A.J.E.Welch
    ii) God's Workmanship C.Hammond
    iii) Fathers C.R.Byng
    i) Readiness E.C.Burr
    ii) An Unexpected Movement J.C.Evershed
    iii) "Fear Not" C R.Byng
    Some Fundamentals – The Holy Scriptures W E.Ellis
    The Children's Value J.C.Evershed
24 Mar-75 The Present Activities Of Jesus E.M.Walkinshaw
    Holy Boldness In Days Of Difficulty A.B.Parker
    Room For The Spirit A.C.Craig
    No Day Like It E.T.Maynard
    Some Fundamentals - The Creator And The Creation W.E.Ellis
    The Children's Gems J,C.Evershed
25 Apr-75 The Name of the Lord E.M.Walkinshaw
    Widows E.C.Burr
    Some Fundamentals – The Fall of Man W.E.Ellis
    The Children’s Wisdom J.C.Evershed
26 May-75 Sanctification By The Truth C.Hammond
    Maintenance D.L.Stewart
    Giving Account D.J.Hutson
    "Redemption Of The Acquired Possession" M.J.Welch
    Some Fundamentals - The Perfection Of The Life Of Jesus W.E.Ellis
    The Children 'S Creator J.C.Evershed
27 Jun-75 Inquiry J.Renton
    What God Loves E.C.Muggleton
    Stirring Up H.J.Taylor
    Some Fundamentals ­ The Deity Of Christ W.E.Ellis
    The Children's Memories J.C.Evershed
28 Jul-75 Jealousy J.Mitchell
    Divine Disclosures Effective A.J.E.Welch  
    The Household D.J.Hutson
    The Ultimate And The Immediate J.Renton
    Some Fundamentals - The Death Of Christ W.E.Ellis
    The Children's Call J.C.Evershed 
29 Aug-75 Assembly Light R Taylor
    Espousal And Presentation C.Hammond
    Succouring Those Who Are Weary B.Taylor
    Some Fundamentals - The Blood Of Christ W.E.Ellis
    The Children's Peace J.C.Evershed
30 Sep-75 'Taste And See" H.G.MacGregor
    "Rachel Died By Me" B.Taylor
    "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" A.B.Parker
    An Appeal For Committal E.E.Hoyte
    "The Lamb’s Wife" R.Taylor
    On Multiplication W.E.Ellis
    Extract J.Pellatt
    Some Fundamentals - The Burial of Christ W.E.Ellis
    The Children's Life J.C.Evershed
31 Oct-75 The Divine Objective ET.Maynard
    My Assembly J.A.Peterson
    Healing the Breach J.Munro
    What God Loves J.Lovie
    Some Fundamentals – The Resurrection of Christ W.E.Ellis
    The Children’s Affections J.C.Evershed
32 Nov-75 The Power Of The Kingdom.. A.B.Parker
    Features Which Benefit Local Companies J.Renton
    Baptised For The Dead E.C.Burr
    Some Fundamentals - The Ascension and Exaltation Of Christ W.E.Ellis
    The Children's Names J.C.Evershed
33 Dec-75 Present Resources E.M.Walkinshaw 
    Divine Activities W.Dickson
    Gathering E.C.Burr
    Some Fundamentals - The Coming Of The Holy Spirit W.E.Ellis
    The Children's Days J.C.Evershed