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No. Month Title Author
10 Jan-74 Relationships In Love A.J.E.Welch
    The Unique Glory Of The Son C.Hammond 
    The Need For Direction F.Von Rein
    A Letter From Mr. Stoney J.B.Stoney
    The Conflict - Poem. D L.Stewart
    The Children’s Treasures J.C.Evershed
11 Feb-74 God's Way In The Time Of The Spirit (1)  
    God's Way In The Time Of The Spirit (2)  
    Jesus A.J.E.Welch
    Poem H F.Harding
    The Children's Salvation. J.C.Evershed
12 Mar-74 Assembly Characteristics Developing E.C.Burr
    What One Man Can Do. D.J.Hutson
    The Chief Interest Of Christ A.A.Brown
    Following The Lord In “The Way" C.Hammond
    The Children's Uplook J.C.Evershed
13 Apr-74 Love Never Fails E.T.Maynard
    The Distinctiveness Of An Overcomer S.McCallum
    The Spirit Of The Dispensation A.B.Parker
    Heaven's Interventions D.R.Freeman
    The Children's Confidence J.C.Evershed
14 May-74 "And When It Rested" E.C.Burr
    "In Christ" F.C.Mutton
    Oil As A Type Of The Holy Spirit W.Dickson
    The Children's Responses J.C.Evershed
15 Jun-74 Divine Appearings C.R.Byng
    "God Is One" E.T.Maynard
    The Mystery J.D.Gray
    The Children's Time-Keeping J.C.Evershed
16 Jul-74 Reproach And Privilege E.M.Walkinshaw
    Committal E.M.Walkinshaw
    The Threshing Floor D.Steven
    " I Jesus" G.A.Brown
    The Children's Signs Of Life J C.Evershed
17 Aug-74 Husbandry A.B.Parker
    Responsibility And Grace D.R.Freeman
    Competency E.C.Burr
    Looking On Jesus A.J.Gaskin
    The Children's Bread J.C.Evershed
18 Sep-74 Power To Progress N.T.Meek
    The City Of God J.G.Chalmers
    Recovery To Assembly Truth J.N.Castle
    The Children’s Thoughts J.C.Evershed
19 Oct-74 The Divine Current in John’s Gospel S.McCallum
    Divine Affections S.McCallum
    "In The Lord" F.C.Mutton
    The Children's Duties J.C.Evershed
20 Nov-74 Transaction With Christ A.C.Craig
    The Wilderness J.C.Evershed
    Earnest Of Our Inheritance C.G.Hitchcock
    The Children's Sorrows J.C.Evershed
21 Dec-74 Administration J.Renton
    Banners Set Up E.C.Burr
    The Children's Schooling J.C.Evershed