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No. Month Title Author
46 Jan-77 Praise In The Assembly A.J.E.Welch
    Rich Toward God H.W.Knauss 
    Responsibility E.M.Walkinshaw 
    Identification With Local Assembly Conditions C.A.Coates
    The Children's Money J.C.Evershed
47 Feb-77 Divine Counsel P.H.Buchan
    Vessels E.Palmer
    With God In The Household J.S.Gray
    "Our Little Ones'' B.W.Ward
    The Children's Shepherd J.C.Evershed 
48 Mar-77 Sprinkled And Washed A.B.Parker
    Faithfulness Unto Death A.B.Parker
    Our Journey In View Of Going Up G.D.Pfingst
    "Arise, Shine! For Thy Light Is Come" A.B.Parker
    The Children's Saviour J.C.Evershed
SUPP Mar-77 Straits E.C.Burr
    "My Own Affairs" E.C.Burr
49 Apr-77 "To Us And Not To The World" R.Taylor
    The Sun-Rising A.B.Parker
    Greatness A.A.Bellamy
    Our Eyes R.Stenhouse
    The Children's Value J.C.Evershed
50 May-77 Behaviour In The House Of God J.H.Trevvett
    Spiritual Material E.M.Walkinshaw
    The Use Of Water E.C.Burr
    The Children's Healing J.C.Evershed
51 Jun-77 Links With Christ A.J.E.Welch
    Links With The Spirit A.J.E.Welch
    What Is Your Occupation? J.C.Evershed
    The Children's Pathway J.C.Evershed
52 Jul-77 ''My God” A.J.E.Welch
    Preaching Of The Word G.W.Brown
    Growing P.Martin
    The Children's Welfare J.C.Evershed
53 Aug-77 Esteeming The People Of God H.W.Knauss
    Pleasing God R.S.Renton
    Strengthening J.McKay
    The Children's Guide J.C.Evershed
54 Sep-77 The Rights Of The Christian H.W.Knauss
    Brethren, Elders And Fathers. J.Mitchell
    Motherliness J.S.Gray 
    The Children's Confession J.C.Evershed
55 Oct-77 Salt And Light J.Renton
    Perseverance In The Fellowship R.D.Plant
    Fruit From Ministry E.C.Burr
    The Children's Sweetness J.C.Evershed
56 Nov-77 Confidence In The Spirit R.Taylor
    The Spirit With The Saints G.W.Brown
    Security Without Anxiety R.Hibbert
    The Children's Feathered Friends J.C.Evershed
57 Dec-77 Recovery To And Maintenance of The Truth:  
    Corinth And Ephesus A.J.E.Welch
    The Assembly Christ's Joy R.Taylor
    The Children's Schooling J.C.Evershed