Vol Pub Title Author Epub Mobi
145 Apr-19 Holiness (1)  
The Judgment of God Mark I Webster
Knowing the Son of God John C Gray
Oil as a figure of the Holy Spirit Alistair M Brown
146 May-19 Holiness (2)  
Divine Will Andrew E Mutton
"Present with the Lord" Roland H Brown
Searching the Scriptures Philip F Eagle
147 Jun-19 Holiness (3)  
Sanctification Terry W Lock
"Wisdom is better" Phil Brien
Keeping and Pondering Mike T Holland
148 Jul-19 Holiness (4)  
Jesus Enthroned Andrew Martin
Bitterness made Sweet Mark Buchan
149 Aug-19 Abundance of Supply in the Divinely Ordered Path  
Completeness A Barrie Brown
The Desire of the Lord's Heart Jim T Brown (Edinburgh)
The Man of God's Choice Paul A Gray
The Obligations of Love Terry W Lock
150 Sep-19 Enrichment and Contribution  
Faith David A Brown
Coming into God's House Roland H Brown
151 Oct-19 Spiritual Order  
Considering Jesus and Considering One Another Alan D Munro
God's Love and Blessedness Filling Each Heart Andrew Martin
Results for God Kenny J Walker
152 Nov-19 Christ as the Servant  
The Rejected One John A Brown
My Shepherd Miss A Ross
153 Dec-19 Christ as Priest Paul A Gray
A Refuge and a Hope Roland H Brown
154 Jan-20 The Children of God  
"To Whom Belongest Thou?" Jim T Brown (Edinburgh)
Numbering Our Days G Allan Brown
The Word of the Christ John K Knauss
155 Feb-20 Brethren of Christ  
Fellowship Michael J Klassen
Renewing the Mind John C Gray
Light Martin McLaren
156 Mar-20 The Effect of Looking on Jesus  
The Heavenly Family Robert Webster
"I Know Whom I have Believed" Trevor R Campbell
Redemption Accomplished Neil C McKay
Salutation Edward J Mair
"Thou Are the God Who Giveth" Margaret Fraser