Vol Pub Title Author Epub Mobi
133 Apr-18 The Resurrection and the Life Reading
God's Honour for Christ Robert Webster
134 May-18 "I AM HE" Reading
Sweetness G Allan Brown
The People of God Archie D Melville
The Spirit's Men Terry W Lock
135 Jun-18 Judged to be Faithful Reading
The Precious Blood of Jesus John Speirs
Divine Love Peter S Barlow
136 Jul-18 The Ark Reading
The Lord Jesus as Priest David Spinks
137 Aug-18 The Committal of the Lord Jesus Reading
The Divine Standard John Laurie
Given Out of Heaven Andrew E Mutton
138 Sep-18 Resurrection Reading
Patience Terry W Lock
Comfort Jim T Brown (Edinburgh)
139 Oct-18 Christ as our Object Reading
God's Man Neil C McKay
The Watchman's Call David A Barlow
140 Nov-18 Being Conformed to the Image of God's Son Reading
"He Shall Save His People From Their Sins" Stephen Speirs
What is Precious Alan D Munro
The Power of Christ's Resurrection John C Gray
Contentment John Speirs
Fragment J B Stoney
141 Dec-18 Dependence and Prayer Reading
Faithful Amid Unfaithfulness G Bruce Grant
Things the Lord Would Delight to See Harold J Klassen
The Lord's Call Phil B Klassen
The Soft Gentle Voice Doug J Klassen
142 Jan-19 The Beginning of All That Shall Be For God's Rest Reading
The Testimony Andrew Martin
Strangers Below and Citizens Above G Allan Brown
143 Feb-19 What is Profitable Reading
The River of God John A Brown
Unity William Johnson
144 Mar-19 Love Underlying Privilege Reading
Trustworthiness Mark Grant
Restoration and Revival Colin Seeley
The Lamb of God Craig A McKay