Volume Issue Date Title Servant Epub Mobi
61 Apr-12 Descending and Ascending   EPUB MOBI
A Turn Roland H Brown
Christ's Place Ron D Plant
62 May-12 Love Adapting Itself to Need David B Robertson EPUB MOBI
The Divine End Jim D Gray
On Fire for Christ Alan J McSeveney
Justified in the Power of His Blood Jim R Walkinshaw
Soul Prosperity in Difficult Times Jim M Macfarlane
The Two Covenants John N Darby
63 Jun-12 Following the Lord   EPUB MOBI
The God of the Valleys Rodney Brown
The Working of the Body Alistair M Brown
64 Jul-12 "A Time to Keep Silence, and a Time to Speak" Andrew E Mutton EPUB MOBI
"Who is a God Like unto Thee?" G Bruce Grant
Following Andrew Martin
The Assembly Bob Gray
65 Aug-12 "Believed and Known"   EPUB MOBI
The Pattern and the Shekel Paul Martin
Our Circumstances Ordered of God Calum McKay
66 Sep-12 Redeeming the Time Jimmy Drummond EPUB MOBI
"Who Alone Doeth Wondrous Things" Richard Smith
Needed by the Lord Will McKillop
The Need for Change Douglas A Steven
The Spirit of Truth David J Hutson
67 Oct-12 The Goodness of God John A Brown EPUB MOBI
"Be of Good Courage" Garth McKay
The Prophetic Word Andrew E Mutton
The Rapture C Kenneth Robinson
68 Nov-12 The Exaltation of Christ   EPUB MOBI
Ends and Beginnings Jim M Macfarlane
Truly Alone Robert D Painter
"Save One Loaf" Peter J Mutton
Learning the Christ Walter M Patterson
69 Dec-12 Spiritual Leadership Among God's People   EPUB MOBI
Willingness Marshall Cowan
How God Has Won Our Hearts Jim D Gray
70 Jan-13 Arriving   EPUB MOBI
Our Heavenly Guide Roland H Brown
Our Appreciation of the Love of Jesus for Us David W Scougal
"The Pains of Death" John N Darby
71 Feb-13 Dependence   EPUB MOBI
The Presence of God D Andrew Burr
72 Mar-13 Called to Levitical Service   EPUB MOBI
Gifts John C Gray
The Epistle to the Ephesians C Kenneth Robinson