Doug M Welch

1 Corinthians 15: 29

         It was very affecting to be a witness to the marriage occasion that occurred today; certainly we are thankful for the invitation. 

         I was impressed with the brevity and the comeliness of the ceremony itself. 

         But, I am sure the home going of our beloved brother in Glasgow is resting on our spirits, and this verse can be encouraging in light of this. 

         It is not just a household that is set up today, it is a baptised household.  In military language, when somebody goes down they are replaced.  In divine things, in the variety of what is established in the assembly, persons can never be replaced; but persons can step in. 

         I was also impressed with our brothers’ words to give balance to the occasion, and to hear the vows our brother and sister made to one another.  God appreciates a vow, and it has been before God and witnesses; and what God joins together no man can separate.

         So, the words given as to the exercise of headship, and the experience of equality, provide for what is ahead for our brother and sister; but the Lord has asked for something further - a baptised household, and to step in. 

         Those who have gone before, their works follow them, and fruit may yet be seen.  Undoubtedly, in the locality here in Aberdeen, where there has been much growth in terms of numbers, there is still a need.  The need is for a baptised household; one ready to step in. 

         So, our brother and sister have been added here and, whilst our beloved brother in Glasgow has been taken from us, a valuable, faithful brother, place is now left for the rest of us; for younger persons to establish baptised households and step into the testimony of the Lord.

         We are glad to celebrate this occasion with our brethren and the three words we have had can be commended to them with affections from all, and to be sealed with them for the days ahead together.  May God bless the word.

Aberdeen, Idaho

10th August 2010