John 1: 2-3, 14

Ephesians 1: 19 (from ‘according’) – 23


     On Lord’s day morning we sang the hymn which says -

          Supreme art Thou, as all Thy glories shine!”

                                    (Hymn 16) 

- and it affected me.  I felt how weak and limited I am as to knowing all the glories of Christ.  They are there, all shining now in heaven, every glory He has, every glory He has won, the glory of a Son, all shining there in heaven now.  

     I read here in John because it speaks of His creatorial glory.  Some have said that He was Son before in a past eternity.  I think that demeans the glory of who He is as Creator.  I think they are losing something; they are losing the sight of the glory of who He is as Creator.  It says in Colossians that He created the visible and the invisible things.  It is only a hundred or so years ago that men realised that there were things that the natural eye could not see, yet they had been there for thousands of years.  He was the Creator of that.  You might say, ‘Well, they are not very important; they are so minuscule they are not important’.  They are minuscule but at the end of the First World War tens of millions more lost their lives in the great flu epidemic just with a small virus, a tiny thing that man could not see.  It is the power of the creation, the power of the Creator God!  Dear friend, who can fully speak of it?  It speaks of it in Genesis, where you see the power of the Creator.  He commanded and it remained fast.  By a word things appeared and remained.  What glory, the glory of the Creator!

     It says in Hebrews that “he learned obedience”, Heb 5: 8.  I have often wondered about that.  Recently I came across ministry which said, not that He learned obedience as we have to because our wills have had to be broken, while His will was perfect; but He had to learn obedience because He was used to command, FER vol 9 p431.  Think of that, the Creator commanding, and it stood fast, Ps 33: 9.  What a Person the Lord Jesus Christ is!  What a glory He has, glory as the Creator!

     I cannot say any more than that, but here in John, it says, “we have contemplated his glory, a glory as of an only-begotten with a father”.  The glory of incarnation!  Another glory that we could say God did not have before, an added glory, the glory of coming in in manhood’s form.  What a glory that the Creator God should stoop so low and be manifest here as a Man, “full of grace and truth”!  What a Person He is in His moral glory.  Do we appreciate it, the moral excellence of this Man as He stood, as He walked, as He talked, as He healed men and women and little girls and boys?  What a Person He was!  Mr Darby says, 'The hand that struck the chord found all in tune', Synopsis vol 1 p118.  How wonderful that is!  Regarding others it says they went to their own home, but He went to the Mount of Olives, John 8: 1.  In the temptations, the Lord, having been tempted for forty days, hungered, Matt 4: 1.  You could say He had every right to turn a stone into bread, but then that would have been His will, not the Father’s will.  All these human perfections blended perfectly.  In Leviticus 2: 4 it speaks about the fine flour mingled with oil, “Divine perfection in a Man”, Hymn 20.  God appreciated this order of manhood so much that the heavens were opened and He said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I have found my delight”, Matt 17: 5.  Think of the eye of God - the eye of God is upon us every day and night.  He sees what we do, what we think, what we say, what we are, but think of it intently upon Christ in His pathway and His walk here.  How pleasing it was to God’s eye to rest on that blessed Man!  Well, this is His glory as a Man, a glorious Man!

     I read in Ephesians because He is a glorified Man.  The Lord has one glory, the glory of redemption, which He never had before.  What a wonderful glory that is; He has redeemed to God out of “every tribe, and tongue, and people, and nation” (Rev 5: 9).  He has redeemed them with His own blood.  No one else can have that glory, none else but Christ.  Dear friend, that belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ, the glory of redemption, the power of redemption.

     And He has the glory of being the Firstborn from among the dead.  Who can we attach that glory to but Christ?  What a glory, Firstborn from among the dead!  So here in Ephesians verse 20 it says “the might of his strength, in which he wrought in the Christ in raising him from among the dead”.  Think of God’s delight in raising this glorious Man.  Men would cast Him into a pit with all the others, having no regard for this glorious Man, but you see how carefully His body was cared for, in a new tomb, and how God’s eye must have been on that precious body of Jesus.  It lay in the grave no longer than was needed, three days and three nights, and then God in His power and His delight and His authority, raising Him from among the dead.  We have Christ’s perfect obedience even in death.  He was “obedient even unto death”, Phil 2: 8.  Think of His obedience even in going into death.  He says, “I have authority to lay it down” - “my life” - “and I have authority to take to it again”, John 10: 18.  Even in death He waited on the Father.  How wonderful, how glorious a Person is the Lord Jesus Christ!

     All His glories shine; they are shining now in heaven.  Think of that, think of the glory, the first Man in heaven!  What a glory that is, the first Man in heaven.  What glory He has!  Think of Him being crowned.  In the world, at the crowning of a king or queen, there is great pomp and ceremony.  There is not much about the crowning of Christ in heaven in Scripture, but I do not think it would have been a quiet affair, the crowning of Jesus Christ in heaven, God crowning Him.  Think of His delight in that Man!  Not a crown of thorns as man gave, but a glorious crown.  Here it says, “and he set him down at his right hand in the heavenlies, above every principality, and authority, and power, and dominion, and every name named, not only in this age, but also in that to come; and has put all things under his feet, and gave him to be head over all things to the assembly”.

     Think of the glory of that, the glory of having a wife, the glory of the Bridegroom.  It speaks of those that saw Him on the mountain who were “eyewitnesses of his majesty”, 2 Pet 1: 16.  Think of Him coming, dear friend, as a King, King of glory.  We often sing of it, 

          Come, Thou King triumphant; all the earth is Thine”

                                    (Hymn 386)  

What a time it will be, all His glory shining, but it is shining now for us there in Heaven.  We will one day fully appreciate it.  Every nation and king shall bow down before Him and bring all their glory.  Think of that, dear friend, but His glory is shining now.  I feel I need to have a greater apprehension of it.  The Supper, I suppose, is really where we would have the greatest apprehension of it.  I am not saying that we cannot apprehend something in our own studies, in our own contemplation in this day amongst the saints.  I think these glories are shining.  They are there for us to take hold of and to contemplate as John did, to go away and just think about them, the glory of this Person.  We are going to have bodies of glory, and we are going to be able to fully apprehend all His glory.  I cannot wait till that day.  These glories are going to entertain us throughout eternity, they are inexhaustible, dear friend.  The hymn speaks of man, 

          Whose little life is as a span,

          Whose glory fades away

                          (Hymn 150)

Dear friend, that is not Christ.  His glory will be maintained throughout generations and generations to the ages of ages.  So dear brethren what a wonderful privilege it is to be part of a glorious vessel here on earth, a vessel that is reflecting these glories now in this desert scene, as all His glories shine supreme.

     May we have a greater sense and understanding and appreciation of these glories of Christ!

     May the Lord bless the word, dear brethren!


20th March 2007