Robert Bain

Exodus 2: 1

1 Samuel 1: 11

Mark 14: 3

I wish to say a word, beloved, as to marriage in the Lord; the responsibility that goes with it, and the blessing that comes with it. Marriage in the Lord is a marriage between a man and a woman who are both lovers of the Lord Jesus who are walking in the same path together. That is something that is of great value to heaven and heaven is interested in what has been proceeding today - interested with delight. What a start it is for a brother and sister that they are setting off in their married life together knowing that they have the approval of heaven. And heaven would have them enter into that joy.

I read of this couple in Exodus; it is like a marriage in the Lord. The first thing that is brought before us is the matter of baptism, the teaching and the truth of baptism.  It certainly meant that this couple had their back to the world of Egypt and their outlook was towards the heavenly land, the land of divine promise.

I refer to Hannah. It was a very difficult time for her; things were not very easy in the history of Israel at that time, but here was one who displayed the spirit of subjection. One of the greatest features by which we can express our love for Christ is the spirit of subjection, and that is seen in Hannah. And not only is her love for God evident but she is in sympathy with divine Persons in relation to what was proceeding at that time. She knew the divine feeling, and she is in prayer before God in relation to it. What came to light was wifely instinct: she knew what to pray for. No one told her to pray for a man-child; instinctively she knew to pray for a man-child and God answered her. God gave what she desired and we see the result in chapter 2: 11. There is the reference that Elkanah went to Ramah to his house and the boy ministered to Jehovah in the presence of Eli the priest; there is now youthful energy in priestly service. There was something there for God’s heart. Hannah was thinking about God; she was not selfish in her outlook. Thinking about God is a feature that should mark persons who are joined together in a marriage in the Lord.

When you come to Mark, another feature comes to light. There is an atmosphere created that is appreciative of the glad tidings in Simon the leper’s house. How wonderful it is that there was an atmosphere that the Lord could identify with, someone that was supporting the glad tidings. Now what went into that? We have this woman with an alabaster flask of ointment of pure nard, very costly. The Spirit of God would have us dwell on the value of what was in her flask. Where did she get it? How did she come about it? Well, let me put it quite simply, beloved: in her daily pathway this woman would call on the Lord in every problem that arose in her life, and in every need that came up. The Lord would be brought into every circumstance. How beautiful that is.

And when He came into every circumstance, beloved, He would leave her with an impression of His moral glories. Every one would be distinct, and she gathered them all together; she had them all in that flask and when the moment came she poured it out. She was thinking about Jesus. What a wonderful thing, beloved, to have in our localities households that are supporting of the glad tidings, where Christ is in their lives, Christ is everything and in all.

This woman was really seeking the things of Jesus Christ. May that, beloved, be instinctive for every one of us, to be seeking, not our own things, but the things of Jesus Christ. If you were to visit such a house, how would you leave? Would you leave depressed? No, beloved, you would leave with a wonderful sense of divine mercy. I think this house was marked by mercy, and of God it says, “being rich in mercy”, Eph 2: 4. The wealth of mercy would fill your soul as you visited this household.

So let our couple take encouragement today to see that we are in a wonderful wealthy area, an area that is expansive. You may think of the waters to swim in; that is what is available to us in marriage in the Lord. As we commit ourselves wholeheartedly and take on responsibility and enjoy the blessing there is fruit for God.

May the Lord bless the word.


Word at Marriage Meeting


19th July 2023