John Laurie

1 Peter 3: 1-4

        I judge it to be something of very great value to be able to find an incorruptible ornament.  That stands as a description of “a meek and quiet spirit”.  Our brother touched on that a little in what was said earlier with reference to our sister, something so precious.  Even silver and gold are said in the Scriptures to be corruptible, “corruptible things, as silver or gold”, 1 Pet 1: 18.  Think of finding something more precious than silver and gold, “a meek and quiet spirit … in the sight of God”.  How valuable!  It is not only a reference to what may characterise sisters, although in a particular way it may be found in sisters and surely was in our sister, now with the Lord.  It characterised her throughout the whole of her life, so far as I am aware.  Think of it being observed by God: “which in the sight of God is of great price”, so valuable in the sight of God.

        Men have their own estimation and valuation of things here and sadly, for the most part, are occupied with the corruptible and passing things, but in the sight of God how precious that there should be something marked by incorruptibility.  How can that be?  We are here in the presence of death and the body of our sister is shortly to be buried.  How then can we associate the thought of what is incorruptible with one who is shortly to be buried?  I think the answer is in the extreme value of the work of God in her soul and the features of that shining out.  How beautiful the assembly will be in all her adornment and preciousness for the heart of the Lord Jesus and for the glory of God too!  It is connected with what is incorruptible.

        There will be nothing corruptible characterising the assembly that could ever be observed in the world to come nor in the eternal day.  That wonderful vessel is said to be seen “coming down out of the heaven from God, having the glory of God”, Rev 21: 10.  You cannot identify what is corruptible with the display of God’s glory.  I think what marked our sister - and one would seek that it might mark us all - was such a spirit in contrast to all the arrogance, pride and variety of evil features that so mark this world with its fashions and the self-will of man against God.  But in the midst of it all, what a testimony that there should be something of incorruptible value found in the sight of God, and to be taken account of by us all.  I would say it was displayed in a very precious and remarkable way in the life of our sister!  There has been a testimony rendered of something that was of great price in God’s sight.  Let us seek to follow it up in our own lives!  I believe it greatly helps in the preservation of conditions among ourselves as well.  We can easily see that an argumentative spirit or a proud spirit soon creates disruption in a local assembly, but “a meek and quiet spirit”, and yet a faithful spirit, is of great price in God’s sight! 

        I leave that word among us.  It has touched my heart that it was something that marked our sister and my own desire would be that it should characterise myself.  May it be found increasingly amongst us all as the world runs its course but while God is proceeding with His own work of such precious value in the hearts of His people here. That is something which will go through into eternity.  What is corruptible will not, but in the new creation realm there will be what is incorruptible; and that is what marked the spirit of our sister and will shine then in its increased radiance although it was also found in testimony here.  It is something of value for us to observe and to seek to emulate.  May it be so for God’s glory!


23rd  August 2023