A Word in its Season is a monthly magazine used to publish a selection of recent Christian ministry - using edited scripts taken from recordings of Bible readings, addresses, gospel preachings, and other words of ministry, as well as other occasional pieces that are not available elsewhere.  The magazine has been produced for forty years; the present editors started the 2nd Series in 2007.

Past issues of this 2nd Series can be downloaded from this site in formats which may be copied to most devices used to read e-books.  There is no charge.

Paper copies of current issues are also available through the contact address at a subscription of £8 for the current year (from April 2015).

Whilst a complete set of past issues of this 2nd Series is available on this site, the first series is unfortunately out of print.


Edited and Published by David Brown and Andrew Burr
81 Roxburgh Road West Norwood London SE27 OLE