No. Month Title Author Epub Mobi
1 Mar-73 The Time Of The Spirit (Summary Of Readings) A.J.E.Welch       
    Formation In Manhood A.J.E.Welch
    "My Lord" E.M.Walkinshaw
    Rooted W.F.Flowerdew
    Poem E.C.Burr
    The Children's Lessons J.C.Evershed
2 Apr-73 Formation of Depth in our Souls J.Renton    
    Stock-taking E.C.Burr
    "Rabboni" J.S.Gray
    The Children's Games J.C.Evershed
3 May-73 The Holy Spirit And The Service Of God                
    The Lord And The Bond C.Hammond
    The Ephod D.L.Stewart
    Prince Liness In God's Family E.T.Maynard
    Availability B.W.Ward 
    The Children's Blessings J.C.Evershed
4 Jun-73 The Holy Spirit And The Service Of God (ii) E.C.Burr            
    Committal L A.Barlow
    The Glory Of Jesus E.E.Hoyte
    Wisdom W.Dickson
    The Children's Feelings J.C.Evershed
5 Jul-73 Our Relations With The Holy Spirit A.J.E.Welch                
    The Testimony Of God P.H.Buchan
    Faithfulness A.A.Bellamy
    The Grace Of Christ R.Johnston
    Quality D.Freeman  
    "Fear Not, Thou Worm Jacob" A.B Parker 
    The Children's Journeys J.C.Evershed  
[No Aug Issue]        
6 Sep-73 The Sovereignty Of The Holy Spirit E.C.Burr          
    Committal To The Will Of God J.Renton
    The Coming Of The Lord A.J.E.Welch 
    The Children's Experiences J.C.Evershed
7 Oct-73 Bearing Iniquity W.Mckay            
    The Cities Of Refuge J.Renton
    Heavenly Influence R.Swan
    Be Strong J.G.Chalmers
    The Children's Object Lessons J.C.Evershed
8 Nov-73 Proving Our Reality J.Renton            
    Knowing The Father C.R.Byng
    "If Any One Thirst" A.J.E Welch
    Amen; Come Lord Jesus J.Gaskin
    The Children's Questions J.C.Evershed
9 Dec-73 Rest J.Lovie                
    Paul's Children S.McCallum
    Being Right, Outwardly And Inwardly A.B.Parker
    Perfect And Complete W.F.Flowerdew
    Working Together C.R.Byng
    "Do Not Weep" E.C.Burr
    The Children's Pathways J.C.Evershed